Auto Insurance and the Community

Auto Insurance and the Community

When you think of auto insurance you immediately think of a few things if you are like most other red-blooded Americans. You think of the premiums you must pay every month to carry your auto insurance and how much it could help you out of a bind if you are to get into an accident that is your fault. However, are you aware of what auto insurance companies can do for your community and our government as a whole?

Every state in the country benefits from auto insurance companies when it comes to tax money, in the multiples of billions of dollars every year while the federal government gets even more. What does this mean to you? It means that your auto insurance company is paying a lot of the tax dollars needed to create the roads that you drive on every day. It means that auto insurance companies help to build your community in ways you may not be aware of.

Auto insurance companies also make it possible for our economy to thrive by making it possible for more people to own vehicles and spend money. By having auto insurance companies assume the risk involved with you driving your vehicle every day it makes you owning a vehicle more attractive to the companies that sell the vehicles. By you establishing credit with that company you are establishing credit that makes you a more attractive buyer to other types of companies.

By auto insurance companies allowing hundreds, thousands, and millions of people to do this they are making that number of people available to be potential buyers in a capitalist economy. Before you know it, every business is thriving and making money and people don’t even realize one of the men behind the curtain. You know, that annoying little company that you pay the periodic auto insurance premiums to?

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