Auto Insurance Bargains – Hunt Them Down

Auto Insurance Bargains – Hunt Them Down

Auto insurance bargains seldom come knocking at your door, so seek them out. When the time comes to renew your policy, look around, get some quotes and comparisons then make your decision.

In cultures where bargaining is a traditional practice the unwary tourist can be seriously disappointed when they find that their bargaining skills are so poor that they have paid two or three times the usual price for a particular item. Don’t let this happen to you with your auto insurance.

One of the best bargaining techniques I have ever seen in action was from a friend of mine, who was not actually bargaining, she was just hesitant and indecisive. This approach will not help you with your auto insurance or any of your insurance policies. Rather than hesitating, you need to be proactive, inquisitive and request all the assistance you need.

There are many ways to get information that helps you review your auto insurance policy before you renew. Assuming you have a good relationship with your current insurer, start there.

Find out what information the insurer has about you and how they are assessing your risk level. You may find that they are assessing you on the basis of erroneous information so be sure to put them right. Little details such as age, sex and safety record make big differences. Your financial record also counts, so make sure they have the truth there, too.

Ask what cover you currently have, what is essential, what is optional and what can be done to reduce the cost but still protect your interests.

Then, phone a few other companies and ask them what they would charge you to insure the same vehicle for you. You could also look on-line. This is usually quick, easy and competitive, but it is only reliable if you give accurate information.

Once you have checked out a few options, you might decide to go back to the original insurer but with a few bargaining chips.

If you have been a good risk and paid your policy regularly, your current insurer may be willing to match the best deal you were able to find. If not, well you now have options and know more about the world of auto insurance bargains.

Don’t just renew year after year without questioning what you are getting for your money. The world is changing rapidly, and auto insurance is also subject to change. Make sure you get the most affordable auto insurance available.


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